Angela Tiatia, Narcissus. 2019. Single channel video.

Angela Tiatia, Narcissus. 2019. Single channel video.

Friday, 13 December 2024 - 10:00 am to Sunday, 16 February 2025 - 05:00 pm

The Water Understands takes Ralph Waldo Emerson’s poem Water as a starting point.  In the poem, Emerson imbues the element of water with subjective human experiences – understanding, heartbreak, wit, the ability to destroy, and alternatively the ability to enjoy pleasure.  It is the understanding, or the water’s metaphorical ability to imbue us with knowledge, which is at the core of this exhibition – knowledge of the past, cultural knowledge, traditional knowledge, poetic knowledge, political knowledge, and aesthetic knowledge – knowledge systems which inform the artists and artworks in this exhibition.

The artists selected for The Water Understands work within a broad range of cultural narratives, and using different media, allowing for an exhibition that thoroughly interrogates the metaphorical qualities of water from multiple perspectives.

Participating artists:  

Miguel Angelo Libarnes (USA)
Leah Bullen
Tamara Dean
Keg De Souza
Shaun Gladwell
Phil George
Gregory Hodge
Anna Madeleine Raupach
Doug Schofield
Angela Tiatia


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