Jan Downes, Materialised/ Greg Daly, Bowl

Left: Jan Downes, Materialised, 2023. Photo by Greg Piper. Right: Greg Daly, Bowl, 2023

Friday, 19 April 2024 - 10:00 am to Sunday, 9 June 2024 - 05:00 pm

Accompanying the TABLED exhibition in the adjacent gallery space, HELD deepens the exploration into what nourishes us. Presented on one continuous shelf around the central Rubbo Gallery, HELD features 90 small artworks by members of The Australian Ceramics Association (TACA). 

The works are utilitarian and sculptural objects that lend themselves functionally or narratively to the exhibition title, HELD. The depth and width of each piece is up to 15 x 15cm, and 40cm tall.

HELD; carry, bear, clasp, embrace, hold on to

As both a verb and a past tense HELD may refer to the experience of physically holding an object, the way in which the object holds or is a carrier, or the way in which a memory is manifested. This duality invites both functional and experimental works to be exhibited. 

This exhibition showcases the diversity and excellence of contemporary Australian ceramics, providing 90 TACA members with an opportunity to exhibit, promote and sell their recent works. 


Amanda Walker
Andrea Barker
Audrey Liew
Avi Amesbury
Barbara Campbell-Allen
Brett Smout
Bridget Saville
Caroline Wright
Cathryn Brown
Cathy Hicks
Claudia De Salvo
Danielle Vibert
Debbie Hill
Denise McDonald
Donna McDonald
Edward Whitelock
Elnaz Nourizadeh
Emma Guthrey
Flic Leung
Gillian Hodes
Glenn England
Goosullae Kim
Greg Dal
Helen Earl
Helena Blackstock
Jacqui Sosnowski
Jan Downe
Jann Kesby
Jayanto Tan
Jean McMaster
Jen Lyall
Jennifer Johnston
Jennifer Hillhouse
Johanna De Maine & Tatsuya Tsutsui
Joseph Boas
Josephine Powell
Judy Greenfield
Julie Excell
Karen Wells
Kate Combes
Kaz Davis
Kiriko Satsuma
Kirsten Perry
Kristen Halket
Lene Kuhl Jakobsen
Lene Lunde
Leonard Smith
Lilach Mileikowski
Lotte Schwerdtfeger
Marlize Myburgh
Mary Henry
Michael Olsen
Michelle Carr
Michelle Merrifield
Mike Hall
Minna Graham
Mollie Bosworth
Natalie Velthuyzen
Neville French
Nicci Parry-Jones
Nicole Lister
Pattie Beerens
Pauline Meade
Peta Berghofer
Pie Bolton
Rina Bernabei
Robert Linigen
Roshni Senapati
Ruby Pilven
Ruby Yu-Lu Ye
Sam Ward
Sandra Bowkett
Sandra Lockwood
Shinhee Ma
Shira Ash
Simon Reece
Sonali Patel
Sophie Horvat
Steph Wallace
Susannah Spittle
Tamasin Pepper
Terry Wright
Tess McAuslan-King
Thannie Phan
Tina Wheatley
Trisha Dean
Wayne Smithers
Wonki Kim & Jaeha Lee
Yvette De Lacy
Zsolt Faludi

Talks and Events

Opening event 3 May 2024 RSVP 
Members & Volunteer preview 19 April 2024 RSVP 

The official opening event will take place two weeks after the exhibitions open, due to the Clay Gulgong biennale event and Anzac Day. 


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