Thursday, 16 May 2024 - 06:00 pm to 09:00 pm

As part of our Collection 100 centenary celebrations during 2024, we’ve invited four artists represented in the MAG&M collection to each present a masterclass.

Join one or all four in this series of intensive workshops that will provide unique insights and access to the artists as they share their knowledge, skills and tips about approaches to the landscape, the figure and the still life. Each artist will talk about their work, demonstrate key techniques and offer discussion and guided instruction on the essential techniques of drawing.

Leading the second masterclass is Kathrin Longhurst with a session focused on portraiture. Delve into Kathrin’s process of creating an empowering yet intimate portrait.  Kathrin will discuss working with your model and styling the model to bring out their character. You will also be looking at lighting set-up, how to create shadow and light in your portrait, and how to effectively use backdrops and accessories. You’ll learn how to guide your model through different poses and facial expressions and how to create a 'power pose'. Kathrin will touch on how to work with colour to create dramatic effects, and also cover techniques for taking professional reference photographs and working with supporting reference drawings. There will be a life model for you to draw and Kathrin will demonstrate how to familiarise yourself with the model’s features by creating reference drawings.

Please bring all your own materials and refreshments.

Suggested materials:

  • Canson mi-teinte coloured drawing paper 160GSM, steel-grey or felt-grey (or equivalent).
  • Coloured pencils, such as Prismacolour Premier in black and white (or equivalent) and/ or coloured charcoal pencils, such as Derwent Tinted Charcoal in black and white (or equivalent).
  • Optional: a few small tubs of coloured gesso, such as Derivan Matisse Background in the colours of your choice (or equivalent).

(Boards with clips provided)

Collection 100: Drawing Masterclass Series

Amanda Penrose Hart – Seascapes  Mon 11 March
Kathrin Longhurst - Portraiture  Thu 16 May
Hadyn Wilson Mon 8 July  
Jude Rae - Still Life  Thu 10 October

About Kathrin Longhurst 

Kathrin Longhurst is a contemporary Australian artist known for her figurative paintings, often exploring themes of identity, gender, and cultural heritage. Her works frequently feature strong, empowered women, drawing inspiration from her own experiences and diverse background. Her work has been included in international exhibitions in Europe and the USA and more than 20 successful solo exhibitions in Australia. She was the winner of the 2021 Archibald Packing Room Prize. Her work is collected widely in Australia and internationally and is represented in the Bennett Collection of Women Realists, the Macquarie University, the Manly Art Gallery and Museum and Mirvac Collections.



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