Currawong is the perfect destination for a day trip to the beach for a BBQ and swim.  The truly unique setting that greets you as you step off the wharf will set the scene for a relaxing visit.

Day visitors are invited to picnic at the north end of the beach. 

Please note: Motorised watercraft are not permitted on the beach.


There is a public gas BBQ, shade, grass and sandy areas where you can set-up. Please note there are currently no public toilets available on the site. 

Only guests staying in our cabins may use the tennis court and golf course.


To protect our vulnerable native animals, pets are not allowed at Currawong State Park.

Native wildlife

Visiting Currawong State Park is a wonderful opportunity to view some of our native animals up close in their natural habitat. We know that children are very inquisitive and can be eager to get that little bit closer to these animals. Native animals are best viewed from afar.

Please do not feed the animals or leave food for them to forage.  Human food can make them sick and if they are expected to be fed by day guests, they can become aggressive. 

We thank you for visiting and hope you have a great day!