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  • Emma Kidd, Creative Space Resident 2019


Our community is enriched through the arts and connected through creativity.


Our strategy

Congratulations to our local creative community. The Northern Beaches Arts and Creativity Strategy Connected through Creativity 2029 has been recognised for outstanding achievement in strategic planning and community collaboration for arts and culture. The Strategy won the Greater Sydney Commission's ‘Community Collaboration’ Award for 2020 and received a Highly Commended in the LGNSW Leo Kelly OAM 2020 Arts and Culture Awards. The Strategy has also recently been awarded a 2021 Communicator Award for Excellence in Graphic Design.

Connected through Creativity 2029, set’s out our community’s commitment to supporting and growing a vibrant creative culture, authentic to the Northern Beaches. The Strategy presents three outcome areas supported by nine strategies to cultivate creativity, identify opportunities for arts and cultural expression and connect our diverse communities.

Key outcomes

Three key outcomes supported by nine strategies.

Outcome 1 - Inspiring Places & Spaces

To achieve this outcome we will:

  • Infuse public places with creativity
  • Make room for creative expression
  • Celebrate cultural heritage

Outcome 2 - Innovative & Creative Industries

To achieve this outcome we will:

  • Enable creative sector vitality
  • Collaborate to innovate
  • Grow thriving arts hubs

Outcome 3 - Engaged Community

To achieve this outcome we will:

  • Share local stories
  • Listen to and support Aboriginal communities
  • Make creativity inclusive

Our creative community 

There is an abundance of arts and creativity on the Northern Beaches. Diverse creative communities live and work across our 254km of beaches, bushland, urban and industrial areas. This has been a place for cultural practice for tens of thousands of years. 

Today, our diverse and evolving cultural ecology includes artists, creative and cultural workers, volunteers, private and not-for-profit organisations and a range of innovative and creative industries. Creative precincts are emerging organically across the region, creating opportunities for collaboration, experimentation and cross-pollination of ideas and artistic practice. From the photographic studios across the peninsula to the surfboard shapers in Mona Vale, the artist run initiatives, lapidary and silversmith studios, ceramics groups, glass artists, painters, sculptors, poets, writers, filmmakers, screen-printers and many musicians, the Northern Beaches is a powerhouse of the Creative Sector. 

Find out more about our cultural and creative sector

What you told us 

Community engagement helped us to understand the current and future needs for the development of a thriving and sustainable arts and creativity eco-system across the Northern Beaches. The Strategy seeks to create a strong blueprint for addressing community priorities including; better recognition of local Aboriginal communities, supporting the potential of local creative industries and an appreciation of the complexities of the local creative eco-system.

How we will deliver

The commitments in Connected through Creativity 2029, will be prioritised and included in Council’s annual Operational Plan and business plans over the 10-year period of the Strategy.