Road safety is more than just fatalities and serious injuries. It is a part of our daily life as a pedestrian, rider, motorist or user of public transport.

Road safety is something that affects us all. The choices we make can have a real impact on the safety of ourselves, our loved ones, and our community.

Road Rules - General Information 

Transport for NSW is the lead authority on road rules in our area.  

Local police and Council Rangers enforce these rules. 

Council raises awareness on the road rules and provides information on how to use our roads and paths more safely. 

The information on this page is correct at the time of posting and is reviewed periodically. 

Road Rules - How to Update Your Knowledge

Council holds 2 workshops where you can update your knowledge:

  1. An online workshop for supervisors of learner drivers. Learners may also attend.
  2. A face to face workshop for seniors, although anyone may attend.

For more information on these please email the Road Safety team, or phone Council on 1300 434 434.

Recent road rule updates

Mobile phone detection cameras 

There are both fixed and mobile cameras now in place, including the Northern Beaches. You can be fined if these cameras detect you are using your phone illegally.  Find out more

Emergency vehicles

If you see stationary emergency vehicles with flashing lights, you must slow down to 40km/h when you pass them, and where the speed limit is 80km/h or less. Where the speed limit is 90km/h or more, you must slow down, move over and give space.  Find out more and also via this short video


When driving, you must give one metre of space when you pass a bicycle in a 60km/hr zone or less, and 1.5 metres when you pass in an 80 km/hr zone or more. 

You CAN overtake a bicycle on double lines IF it is safe. Find out more.

Also check that you understand the rules in sharing the road for both motorists and bicycle riders.