Access to Wharf or Ramp for Offshore Operations

Apply for access to a Council wharf or boat ramp in order to conduct offshore operations (Scotland Island and Western Foreshores). Examples include transporting heavy machinery for private works or the removal of goods / delivery of supplies to residents.

Form #4131
Address Council - Public Address

Requests to address Council on items on the Agenda must be submitted by 12pm on the day of the meeting

Form #3002
Address Council - Public Forum

The Public Forum is to address a Council meeting in relation to any one matter related to general business of Council but not the subject of a report on the meeting agenda - to be submitted by 12pm on the day of the meeting:

Form #3003
Annual Fire Safety Statement - Request for a Stay of Penalty Infringement Notice

Building owners experiencing difficulties with lodging an annual fire safety statement within the specified due date for a building premises may submit this application to apply for extra time, with supporting reasons and avoid being issued with an penalty notice for the late submission of a fire safety statement.

Form #2099
Authorised and Accredited Concrete Contractor Permit

For contractors to apply to be authorised and accredited concrete contractors for the construction of vehicle crossings (driveways)

Form #4026
Banner Booking Application
Form #4001
Barking Dog Information Sheet

Please log the diary for fourteen days and then forward to Council.

Form #4130
Beach and Rockpool Bookings

Book online to hold a small or medium event on a beach or at a rockpool such as Surf Life Saving events, swimming lessons, annual swim clubs and surfing competitions. For any larger events requiring multiple venues over many days please complete a major event application.


Form #10002
Beach Parking Permit Application

Apply for a Beach Parking Permit which allows free parking in designated beach permit parking areas.

- Permits expire on 31 August each year and are valid only if used in accordance with the instructions on the back of the permit.
- Permits can only be purchased by Northern Beaches Residents
- A maximum of 2 additional permits may be purchased per property by Northern Beaches Residents only. Proof of residency MUST be provided.
- Permits are NOT VALID at Rowland Reserve, Church Point Parking Precinct or Woorak Reserve Car Parking Areas - find out more.
- Council takes no responsibility for permits not received via post.

Please refer to the Policy for details

Form #3024
Beach Wheelchair Loan Application

A Beach Wheelchair is a wheelchair with soft balloon tyres that roll easily over sand and even into low waves. It can be borrowed for use by a support person for a person aged 5 years and up with a disability for a great day at the beach with family and friends – and they’re free of charge!

Beach Wheelchairs are available at Manly, Collaroy, Newport and Bilgola beaches. It's best to book a Beach Wheelchair well in advance to ensure it is available. You will receive confirmation of your booking and notification of the availability of a Beach Wheelchair. 

To book for Manly and Collaroy beaches, fill out the PDF form below and email to

To book for Newport and Bilgola beaches, contact the relevant surf clubs directly:

There are no Lifeguards in attendance from May to September at all beaches except for Manly, where Lifeguards are stationed all year round. The Beach Wheelchair at Manly is available 365 days a year.

For more information, contact the Open Space Bookings Team on 02 8495 5009 or

Form #4016
Bicycle Parking Permit - Parking Stations

For customers that would like to apply for an access card to the Bicycle Parking Stations at:

- Whistler Street Carpark, Manly.
- PCYC, Dee Why

Please note - this needs to be paid by direct debit - use the form below.

Form #4101
Bond Lodgement Form

Security bond to be paid prior to trap hire, working and construction etc on Council land.

Form #4055
Book Club Registration Form
Form #3020
Brookvale Park Booking Application Form

For booking any of the facilities at Brookvale Park including the sportsfield or the Presidents Lounge.

Form #4006
Building Information Certificate - copy request

This form is to be used if you wish to request a copy of a Building Information Certificate approval.

Form #2049
Building Information Certificate Application

Building Information Certificates can be obtained from Council to indicate existing structures are consistent with the Building Code of Australia and have the appropriate approvals.

Step 1 – Obtain a fee quote

Complete the online fee quote request form (to determine the fees applicable for your application)

Step 2 – Application checklist

To prevent unnecessary delays processing your application, please ensure:

- All property owners have signed the Owners’ Consent
- All supporting plans and documentation in relation to your application

Step 3 – Lodge application

Lodge application via the NSW Planning Portal.

Form #10003
Buy Back of Interment Right

Surrender unused interment rights back to Council for a set price.

Form #4141
CCTV Footage Request
Northern Beaches Council operates a CCTV camera network in the area around The Corso, Manly Wharf and Manly Art Gallery. Information is recorded for law enforcement purposes and shall only be disclosed to persons or bodies who have a legitimate and lawful right or interest in the information recorded.
Form #3004
CEC Venue Hire

Book the Coastal Environment Centre for your next event, training seminar or conference.

Form #4031
Cemetery Burial Register - Update Personal Details

Change your name, address or other contact information recorded on the Cemetery Register.

Form #4061
Church Point Carpark Reserved Parking Space

Submit an application for a car parking space located on the upper level of the Church Point Carpark. For more information, please review the Application Process and Guidelines


Form #4098
Church Point Carpark Reserved Parking Space Additional Coupon

Submit a form to apply for an additional coupon if you already hold a Church Point Reserved Parking Space permit. Reserved space holders can apply for up to three additional coupons per space.

Form #4171
Church Point Parking Permit

Permits are valid from 1 September to 31 August each year.

Form #4040
Commercial Centre Street Stall Application Form
Form #4155
Companion Animals (Pets)

The NSW Pet Registry is for pet owners and breeders can create an online owner profile, update your details, notify if your dog or cat is missing, register ownership changes and pay registration fees online. 

Alternatively use these forms and submit to Council. Find out more about registering your pet.

Annual permits for non-desexed cats and restricted and dangerous dogs

In addition to their lifetime pet registration fee, annual permits will be required by owners of: 

  • Cats not desexed by four months of age are required to pay an $81 annual permit fee
  • Dogs of a restricted breed or formally declared to be dangerous are required to pay a $197 annual permit fee.

Pay for annual permits using the NSW Pet Registry website or in person at local Council offices. Find out more about annual permits.

Form #10001
Compliments and Complaint Forms

Compliments and complaints help us to understand what we’re doing well, and where we can improve our service to our community, so making it easy for you to have your voice heard is important to us.

We value your feedback and are committed to understanding any concerns you may have and dealing with them promptly and without prejudice.

Form #3005
Complying Development Certificate – Council Certifier

All homeowners on the Northern Beaches are now required to lodge their Complying Development Certificate Applications via the NSW Planning Portal.

Prior to lodging your CDC application, please follow these steps to ensure you lodge an assessment ready application.

Form #10004
Council Building Key Application
Form #4056
Crane Airspace Approval Application

Prior to the placement of any type of crane on private land that will be operating in the air space of a public road or footpath.

Form #4120
Customer Credit Card Payment Form

Customer credit card payment form - authorisation for Council to charge specified charges to credit card details provided. Visa and Mastercard debit cards accepted.

Form #3009
DA Pre-Lodgement Meeting

Development Application (DA) Pre-Lodgement meetings provide the applicant an opportunity to obtain preliminary advice on development proposals prior to lodgement of a formal DA.  Meetings are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays remotely.

Form #2102
Design Sustainability Advisory Panel (DSAP) Meeting

A DSAP meeting is required for major development proposals including boarding houses, multi-unit housing, SEPP 65, or large commercial or industrial development. The application fee includes a DSAP meeting followed by a Pre-Lodgement meeting.

DSAP meetings are held on the last Thursday of every month and Pre-Lodgement meetings are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Form #2100
Development Application (DA), Modification or Review of Determination

Council has developed a Lodgement Requirements guide to assist applicants in preparing their Development Application for lodgement. The guide includes lodgement instructions, as well as the mandatory documentation Council require. Documentation required will depend on the nature of the development proposal, the location of the site, and any site constraints. Applicants may contact Council’s Development Advisory Service on 1300 434 434 should they need assistance in confirming what documentation is required.

Refer to our Development Application & Modification Application Lodgement Requirements for electronic lodgement instructions and further information on supporting documentation. Refer to our Lodge your Application page for Planning Portal registration and lodgement instructions and Frequently Asked Questions.

Form #2060
Discobility & Club All In Participant Information & Indemnity Form
Form #2018
Discretionary Fund Application Form
Form #1006
Dog Walking Business Permit
Form #4015
Driveway Delineation Application

To install two L-shape delineation lines on either side of the driveway to assist vehicular access to the private property

Form #4035
Driveway Levels and Formwork Inspections

Before constructing a driveway an application form must be completed to attain a permit to undertake construction. Approval for these structures is required under Section 138 of the Roads Act 1993. Northern Beaches Council has an approved list of authorised concrete vehicular contractors who can build your driveway. 

Form #4028
Easements over Council Land Form
Form #4125
Embellishments Permit
Form #4144
Erect or Alter a Monument or Headstone

Apply for a permit to add an inscription to an existing monument, upgrade a monument or construct a new monument or landscaped garden bed at the Mona Vale or Manly Cemetery.

Form #4064
Event Booking - Major

All public events and functions held on Council property and public open space need to follow our Event Waste Management Guidelines. These guidelines include an Event Waste Management Plan that needs be attached to your application.

Form #4010
Event Booking - Small and Medium Scale

Book online to hold a small or medium event on an open space venue (e.g park, reserve or beach). Please note restrictions may apply to certain venues.


Form #10005
Event Parking Permit Application Form
Form #4142
Filming and Photography Application Form

This application is to be used for filming on Council managed open space such as sports grounds, beaches, parks, footpaths and roads.

Form #4009
Fire Safety Certificate

A new standard form has been implemented by NSW Planning and Environment (from 1 December 2017).

Form #2011
Fire Safety Statement

A fire safety statement is a document issued by or on behalf of the owner(s) of an existing building.

The statement confirms that a competent fire safety practitioner has assessed, inspected and verified the performance of each fire safety measure that applies to the building.

An annual fire safety statement must be issued each year and include all the essential fire safety measures that apply to a building. The statement also verifies that a competent fire safety practitioner has inspected and confirmed that the exit systems in the building are in compliance with the Regulation.

Form #2009
Fitness Trainer Permit

All fitness trainers must use this form to apply for a permit to operate on Northern Beaches Council public open space. Please note restrictions do apply to some locations.

Form #4002
Flood Information Report Application

To request flood information (flood levels, maps) for the purpose of a DA and general information.

Form #4030
Flood Model Provision Application

Application to use Council’s hydrologic model

Form #4094
Food Business Owner Details
Form #2044
Food Business Self Assessment
Form #2048
Food Event Registration

Use this form to apply for registration of an event which will include temporary food stalls / mobile food premises.

Form #2052
Food Premises Advisory Inspection Checklist

This form can be completed to request an inspection, prior to sale or purchase of a business, prior to occupation, or for the purpose of a fit-out consultation.

Where this inspection is being requested to provide sign off for a final inspection prior to the issue of an Occupation Certificate, you are required to complete all the fields of this form to verify that critical works have been completed prior to booking the inspection.

Note: A new food business must submit a Food Business Owner Details Form to Council’s Environmental Health Team and obtain a registration number prior to submitting this form.

Form #2050
Footpath A-Frame Signage Permit

For approval to display A-Frames on the footpath in order to encourage customers to enter the premises (North Narrabeen to Palm Beach)

Form #4075
Footpath Merchandise Approval

For approval to display goods on the footpath in order to encourage customers to enter the premises, not to carry out business or financial transactions on the footpath. View the policy

Form #4076
GIPA Internal Review

This form should be used if you wish to apply for internal review of a decision made under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act). You must lodge this form within 20 working days after notice of the decision was given to you.

Form #3033
Heritage Exemption Application

To seek exemption under s.5.10(3) of the LEP from the requirement for development consent for works of a minor nature or for the maintenance of a heritage item, Aboriginal object, Aboriginal place of heritage significance, archaeological site, or within a heritage conservation area. 

Form #2032
Hoarding Permit Application Form

You’ll need this permit if you plan to erect hoardings or other construction facilities on Council property. This includes overhead hoardings, scaffolding, site fencing and site offices. 

Approval for these structures is required under Section 138 of the Roads Act 1993.

Form #4017
Home Food Business Application
Form #4115
House Renumbering Application

Apply for a house renumbering when you need to change your existing street number and address, when your current address is not suitable (not to be used for the allocation of numbers to newly constructed dwellings).

Form #4119
Illumination of Manly Town Hall Application
Form #3049
Information Access - Formal Request

Under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA), you’re entitled to see a lot of the information we hold in Council records.

Online application

As part of the online application you will need to upload a completed Online Application form with details of your request. Note: changes should only be made to the document once it's been saved or printed.

Paper application

Alternatively, you may complete a paper application and submit to Customer Service

Fees and Charges

There is an application fee of $30.

In certain circumstances, additional charges for processing may also apply.


Form #3028
Information Access - Informal Request

Under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA), you’re entitled to see a lot of the information we hold in Council records.

Form #3029
Infrastructure Works on Council Roadway

Application for construction of kerb & gutter, footpath, pavement and any other encroachment works on council’s road reserve.

Form #4025
Lease of Road Reserve Form
Form #4124
Legal Documents Authorisation - On-site Stormwater Detention Systems

Signing and extinguishment of positive covenants and restrictions as per user including on‐site stormwater detention system required under Section 88 of the Conveyancing Act 1919 

Form #4023
Library HSC Artwork Release Form
Form #3019
Local Heritage Fund Application

 The Local Heritage Fund encourages maintenance & conservation of privately owned heritage properties.  

Applications for the Local Heritage Grant are open from 1 January and close 5pm 20 March each year. You must have completed the works and have the supporting documentation. Find out more

Form #2031
Local History Request
Form #3022
Local Studies Object Donation

Give your permission for Northern Beaches Council Libraries to include your object in the Local Studies Collection

Form #3017
Local Studies Photograph Donation

Give your permission for Northern Beaches Council Libraries to copy your photograph for inclusion in the Local Studies Collection

Form #3016
MABC Change of Bank Details

To change your bank account details, complete this form with at least 7 days notice.

Form #4150
MABC Creche Enrolment
Form #4087
MABC Direct Debit Request Form
Form #4159
MABC Family Membership Agreement
Form #4161
MABC Fitness Centre Cancellation Request

Need to cancel your membership? We're sorry to see you go. 14 days notice is required. 

Form #4088
MABC Fitness Centre Suspension Form

Take advantage of our unlimited suspension option for your Fitness Centre membership if you are having time away. 14 days notice is required.

Form #4085
MABC Membership Agreement
Form #4156
MABC Membership Form
Form #4080
MABC Pool Party Form
Form #4133
MABC Pre-exercise Questionnaire

This form is required to be completed before you get started in our gym or group fitness classes.

Form #4086
MABC Swim Multi Visit Pass

Apply for a Swim Multi Visit Pass (lap swimming only, access to other areas will require additional payment prior to use).

Form #4105
Manly Corso Entertainment Groups Application Form
Form #4154
Manly Dam Booking Application Form

Manly Dam has four picnic areas around the lake with over 30 picnic tables.

You can now book picnic tables online.

Form #4012
Manly Oval Bookings
Form #4005
Manly Parking Permit Scheme - Business permit

A business parking permit exempts a business vehicle from time limits in spaces signposted ‘permit holders excepted’. Find out more

Form #3037
Manly Parking Permit Scheme - Car share permit

Car share permits are available to operators to provide shared vehicles where existing schemes are operating. Find out more

Form #3038
Manly Parking Permit Scheme - Multi-use permit

A multi-use parking permit may be used for visitors, tradespeople and carers of a rateable residential property.

Form #3042
Manly Parking Permit Scheme - Replacement permit

Use for replacement of Manly residential, multi-use, business, car share, support worker, or special issue parking permits only.

Form #3046
Manly Parking Permit Scheme - Residential - 1st and 2nd permit application

Resident parking permits enable residents to park on-street and avoid time limits in their scheme area.

Please ensure you have reviewed the eligibility and information about the permit before applying.

Form #3040
Manly Parking Permit Scheme - Residential - 3rd permit application

Third Manly residential parking permit applications must be submitted using the form below. Find out more 

Form #3041
Manly Parking Permit Scheme - Special Issue permit

Council recognises the value that charities, schools, volunteer and not-for-profit services provide to the local community. Provision is made for special issue parking permits to exempt these organisations from time limits in existing Manly parking permit scheme areas sign posted  ‘permit holders excepted’.  Find out more

Form #3043
Manly Parking Permit Scheme - Support worker permit

Support worker parking permits exempts the vehicle of a support worker or service provider from time limits while they are providing in-home support. Find out more

Form #3044
Meals on Wheels - Client Referral

Use this form to apply for access to Meals on Wheels Service

Form #2014
Memorial & Plaques on a Council Reserve
Form #4007
Minor Encroachments/Constructions within Road Reserve Application Form
Form #4033
Minor works on Council buildings

Submit an application to carry out works on assets owned by Northern Beaches Council.

Form #4034
Mobile Food Business Application

Approval is needed to sell food from a vehicle in a public place.

Form #2045
Modification to Fire Safety Order

This form is to be used to request the modification of the terms of a Fire Safety Order.

Form #4114
Motorcycles Manly Pre-paid Parking Permit
Form #4148
Naming a Council Reserve, Road or Facility - Proposal

This form can be used to propose to name or rename a council owned reserve, road or facility (a facility can include but not limited to buildings, gardens, pools and grandstands).

Please refer to the Naming our Reserves, Facilities and Roads Policy for further details on this process.

Form #4132
New Moveable Dwelling (Sydney Lakeside)

For new moveable dwellings, inc modifications & associated structures. Please read this form and the Sydney Lakeside Narrabeen Long Term Site Information Sheet carefully before filling in the application (available at Sydney Lakeside Reception).

Form #2026
New Property Owner Details
Form #3011
Northern Beaches Library Membership
Form #3021
Occupation Certificate – Council Certifier

Before a building can be occupied, an Occupation Certificate must be obtained.

All homeowners on the Northern Beaches are now required to lodge their Occupation Certificate Applications via the NSW Planning Portal.

Prior to lodging your SC application, please follow these steps to ensure you lodge an assessment ready application.

Form #10006
Oral History Interview Consent

Give your permission for Northern Beaches Council Library to use all or part of your interview for research, publication, broadcasting or public borrowing and for all copies in all formats to be kept in the Local Studies Collection.

Form #3018
Order for Interment - Funeral Directors

Burial instructions and booking confirmation for Funeral Directors. For Manly and Mona Vale Cemeteries

Form #4110
Out of Work Hours Application

Conditions of consent restrict the hours of construction. On occasions there may be a need to work outside these set times. Council provides a process to assess and permit out of hours work. An urgency fee applies for any permits that require processing within 48 hours. Urgent applications must be made no later than 3pm in order to be processed the same working day.

Form #2037
Outdoor Dining Area Application and Guide

This application and guide can be used by restaurants and cafes to apply to use Council footpath for outdoor dining.

Form #4066
Outstanding Notices Application Form

A Section 735A & 121ZP Outstanding Notices certificate lists any outstanding notices and orders issued by Council in respect of a parcel of land.

Form #2042
Parking Fees - Refund Request

 Request a refund of parking fees from a pay and display carpark, Manly Parking stations or the PCYC carpark

Form #4039
Parking Permit - Church Point Replacement Application

Permits are valid from 1 September to 31 August each year.

Form #4041
Parking Permit - Church Point Temporary

Permits are valid from 1 September to 31 August each year.

Form #4151
Parking Permit - Community Group Guidelines
Form #3007
Parking Permit - Manly National Carpark Resident Access Application

Application for access card to enable passage through the public carpark to enter or exit the residents’ carpark.

Form #4096
Parking Permit - Manly Resident Card - Replacement

Request a replacement Manly Resident Card.

Form #4116
Parking Permit - Operational Commercial Vehicle - Manly Parking Stations

For businesses that meet the eligibility criteria to apply for a parking access card for their operational commercial vehicle to access Manly Parking Stations (Saturdays and Sundays only)

Form #4102
Parking Permit - Statutory Declaration
Form #3013
Parking Permit- Late Night Worker Manly Parking Stations

A $5.50 flat fee is available every day to late night workers in Manly. A pass card will be issued to permit holders. Entry must be after 5pm and exit after 9pm.

Form #4164
Pensioner Concession Application Form

Ratepayers experiencing genuine financial hardship may apply for concessions in accordance with Council’s Rates and Annual Charges Hardship Policy

Form #1002
Pensioner Concession Application Form (Sydney Lakeside)
Form #4126
Pittwater Rugby Park Bookings
Form #4004
Placement of Ash Remains

For placement of ashes in memorial gardens, Columbaria or other memorials

Form #4045
Placement of Ashes in Burial Site

For placement of ashes in a burial site

Form #4063
Planning Agreement Pre-lodgement Meeting Request Form
Form #2104
Planning Certificate (Section 10.7 or S10.7)

This legal document provides you with the zoning of your property which assists in identifying all applicable rules. Planning certificate S10.7 is also known as zoning certificate (formerly section 149).

Please ensure that details (i.e. certificate type, property and contact details) are correct before lodging an application.  Council is unable to issue refunds for incorrectly entered information, duplicate applications, or for change of mind.

Form #2005
Planning Proposal - Pre-Lodgement Meeting

Pre-lodgement meetings are an avenue for proponents to receive preliminary advice on proposals. The types of applications that may be considered at these meetings include, but are not limited to concept plans, a change in zoning & proposals for site specific Development Control Plans. Find out more

Form #2006
Planning Proposal and amendment to a Development Control Plan Application

A Planning Proposal and amendment to a Development Control Plan is a formal planning process which, when complete, alters the range of activities permissible on a site. This may increase or decrease the range of permissible uses or controls.

Form #2084
Political Donations and Gifts Declaration Form

Council disclosures

This form may be used to make a political donations and gifts disclosure under section 147(4) and (5) of the Environmental Planning Assessment Act 1979 for applications or public submissions to Northern Beaches Council.

NSW Government Election disclosures

NSW electoral funding laws have changed. Find out who is responsible for complying with electoral funding requirements, what disclosure requirements are required (and when), and requirements for accepting and using political donations.

Form #3001
Pre-Paid Parking Permit - Direct Debit Request

Request pre-paid parking payments via direct debit (all parking stations)

Form #4104
Pre-Paid Parking Permit - Manly Parking Stations

For customers that would like to apply for pre-paid parking in Manly Parking Stations.

Form #4089
Principal Certifier

Appoint Northern Beaches Council as the Principal Certifier (PC) for a new building development OR for the appointment of Council to replace a Private Certifier (ie transfer of the PC role to Council). Note: The owner(s) and not the builder, must sign and complete this form.

Please note that the completed form must be submitted with the rest of your application documents via the NSW Planning Portal

Form #2004
Principal Certifier Agreement Subdivision Works
Form #4118
Principal Certifying Agreement - Moveable Dwellings

Principal Certifying Authority Agreement and Notice of Commencement for Moveable Dwellings and Associated Structures

Form #2029
Private Certifier Certificates

As of 1 July 2021 all Complying Development Certificates, Construction Certificates, Occupation Certificates, Notice of Commencement and Appointment of Principal Certifiers issued by a Private Certifier are required to be lodged via the NSW Planning Portal.

Northern Beaches Council will no longer accept lodgement of any Private Certifiers Certificates after this date.


Form #10007
Public Health Advisory Inspection Checklist

This form can be completed to request an inspection, prior to sale or purchase of a business, prior to occupation or for the purpose of a fit-out consultation.

Form #4117
Public Swimming Pool and Spa Registration

This form is for the registration of a Public Swimming Pool, Public Spa or Pool, or change of existing details. 

Form #2041
Purchase of Council Land Form

Sale of a section of public road to the public.

Form #4044
Purchase Perpetual Right Of Interment - Burial Sites or Memorials

For purchase of a new grave or memorial position in the Mona Vale or Manly cemetery.

Form #4111
Rates Direct Debit Request

Complete this Direct Debit Request to authorise Northern Beaches Council to arrange for funds to be debited from your account on the due date as stated on the Rates and Charges notice.

Form #1003
Regulated Systems Warm Water & Cooling Towers Registration

This form is to be used for the registration of a new Regulated System(s) or the change of business details to an existing premises with regulated system(s).

Form #2043
Release of Impounded Item(s) (excluding dogs)
Form #2055
Removal of Ash Remains

Application to remove cremated ash remains from a burial site, garden memorial or columbarium wall position

Form #4062
Request to run a business on open space

Permission is required to operate a business on Council open spaces - beaches, parks, reserves. Please complete the small event form and allow 8 weeks for assessment of your application.

Form #4011
Road Opening - Approval to Excavate Council Roads and Footpaths

Road openings include any excavation of road pavement, road shoulder, footpath, kerb & gutter, nature strip or other Council infrastructure. Find out more

Form #4050
Road Reserve Closure

Request for Northern Beaches Council to consider the closure of the following road reserve and sale of the road reserve land adjoining the applicants property

Form #4043
Rowland Reserve, Woorak Reserve or Iluka Park Parking Permit

Permits are valid from 1 September to 31 August each year.

Form #4042
Scores on Doors - Food Business Inspection Request for Rating Review

A food business proprietor can request a Scores on Doors rating review by submitting this form and paying the associated fee.

Form #2094
Scotland Island Access Permit

Application for owners and tenants of Scotland Island to apply for a Scotland Island Access Permit for resident vehicles and service vehicles.

Read our frequently asked questions and the Scotland Island Traffic Management Plan


On-site permit issue and vehicle inspection days

Council staff and authorised inspectors regularly visit Scotland Island to issue permits, and preliminary check buggies and unregistered light utility vehicles (Note - if your vehicle is already registered inspection is not required).

An inspection fee of $80 will apply (note this is a third party inspection fee, not a Council fee).

The next inspection day appointments will be announced soon (required for logistical purposes and to meet the Covid-safe requirements).

Should you require any further information please call 02 8495 6808.

Form #4140
Section 603 certificate

A Section 603 Certificate (Local Government Act 1993) advises the amount (if any) due or payable to Council by way of rates, charges or otherwise outstanding on a property.

Form #1004
Skin Penetration or Beauty Premises Owner

This form is to be used for the registration of a new skin penetration business or the change of business details to an existing skin penetration business.

Form #2039
Skip Bin / Building Waste Application

To place any skip bin/building waste container (not exceeding 1.5m height or 2.0m width or 6.0m length) on a nature strip or road carriage way

Form #4051
Solid Fuel Heater Application

Install or review a determination for approval of a solid fuel or oil heater.

Form #2036
Sporting Events Bookings

Please complete a separate booking form for each reserve/sportsground

Form #4013
Stand Plant Application

To place a crane/concrete pump or any other type of plant including excavator, scissor lift, boom or cherry picker on Council road carriageway

Form #4054
Storage of Building Materials on Footpath or Road Reserve Form

You’ll need this permit if you’re going to temporarily store building material (bricks, sand, pipes, etc) on a Council road or footpath.

Form #4121
Stormwater Drainage Approval
Form #4022
Stormwater Management Services Charge - Request for Exemption


The Stormwater Management Services Charge (SMSC) is an annual rates notice charge to eligible properties, authorised by Section 496A of the Local Government Act 1993 and Local Government (General) Regulations 2005. Income raised through this charge supports improvements to the drainage system to protect people and properties from flooding, the health of our waterways and provides opportunities for the harvesting and reuse of stormwater.

The SMSC is generally levied on privately owned urban land that is categorised for rating purposes as residential or business, excluding vacant land.

From the information available to us, we assess if your land meets the exemption criteria before we levy the charge.

If we have charged you the SMSC, but your property meets at least one exemption criterion, you can apply for an exemption.

Form #10008
Stormwater Pre-Lodgement Meeting Application
Form #4029
Strata Subdivision Certificate and Termination of Strata Plans

All Strata Subdivision Certificate (SC) applications on the Northern Beaches are now required to be lodged via the NSW Planning Portal.

Prior to lodging your SC application, please follow these steps to ensure you lodge an assessment ready application.

Form #10009
Student Volunteer Registration Form - Library
Form #3014
Subdivision Certificate Application Form

Subdivision Works Certificates are now lodged via the NSW Planning Portal

Form #4020
Subdivision Works Certificate Application

Subdivision Works Certificates are now lodged via the NSW Planning Portal

Form #4137
Swimming Pool Barrier Exemption Application

Request an exemption from swimming pool barrier requirements of the Swimming Pools Act 1992 that are impracticable or unreasonable or alternative provision for restricting access to the swimming pool.

Form #2021
Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate

A swimming pool owner must obtain a valid swimming pool barrier Compliance Certificate before they can sell or lease their property.

Form #2056
Temporary Food Stall Application & Checklist

Individual stall holders should complete this form to apply for Temporary Food Premises in Northern Beaches Council area.

Form #2046
Temporary food vending from approved outdoor dining location application

Eligible food businesses (with a current outdoor dining approval) can apply for additional approval to vend from outside of their business within the existing outdoor dining area.

The temporary approval is to vend pre-packaged non potentially hazardous foods from within the existing outdoor dining area or to simply use the outdoor area as a point of sale to encourage more business.

Note: Successful business will need to update their Covid safety plan to include the outdoor area into its scope.

Form #4153
Temporary Ground Anchors (Road Reserve)

For the installation of temporary ground anchors under Council’s footway/road reserve. Council does not approve temporary ground anchors under private properties.

Form #4018
Tie-Up Facilities on Wharf - Church Point Commuter, Cargo Scotland Island, Bell, Carols and Careel Bay

Apply for a temporary licence to tie-up at Church Point Commuter, Cargo Scotland Island, Bell, Carols and Careel Bay

Form #4058
Tie-Up Facilities on Wharf - Mackerel Beach

Apply for a temporary licence to tie up at Mackerel Beach Wharf

Form #4059
Time Extension Request

Extension of time can be granted for any Orders, Directions, Improvement Notices on Properties

Form #2038
Traffic Control Application

To Implement a Traffic Control Plan/Traffic Management Plan including Construction Traffic Management Plan, whenever traffic is being managed on the road pavement or footpath area but where an application to stand plant is not required

Form #4053
Traffic Mirror Application

To install a traffic mirror on Council’s road reserve.

Form #4036
Transfer of Interment Right - Burial Sites or Memorials

Transfer of interment rights from an existing Holder or deceased Estate to a new party

Form #4109
Tree Removal and Pruning Application

Online application

As part of the online application you will need to upload a completed Tree Removal Site Plan (PDF template), with details and owner's consent. Note: changes should only be made to the document once it's been saved or printed. 

 - Only to be used together with the online form

Paper application

Alternatively, you may complete a paper application and submit to Customer Service

Form #4000
Unit Numbering for Multi-Unit Developments

This form is to be completed and relevant documentation submitted to Council, in accordance with the relevant Development Application condition. For Residential, Commercial & Industrial Multi-Unit Developments

Form #2091
Update Annual Fire Safety Statement Owner Details Application
Form #2010
Use of a Portion of a Road Reserve

Applicable to Addresses - Manly to Seaforth

Form #4047
WAC Facility Booking Form
Form #4048
WAC Film / Photography Shoot
Form #4027
WAC Membership Application
Form #4079
WAC Pool Party Enquiry Form

Enquire about a super fun inflatable party for your child without having to worry about the mess.

Form #4078
WAC Programs Enrolment
Form #4074
Waste Water System - Installation

Apply to install an On-Site Sewage Management System, or make changes to the tank or Land Application Area

Form #2034
Waste Water System - Operation

Apply to operate an Onsite Wastewater Management System under section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993

Form #2035
Watercraft & Dinghy Storage Application
Form #4057
Watercraft tie-up - Bell Wharf and Carols Wharf

This is the initial application form to be used by Scotland Island residents applying for a wharf tie up permit at Bell or Carols Wharfs.

Form #4160
Wedding Ceremony Application Form

Book online to hold a Wedding or Commitment Ceremony on a Council open space venue (e.g park, reserve or beach). Please note restrictions may apply to certain venues.


Form #10011
Wharf Permit - Commercial Charter Operators

Ferry operators may apply to dock for a maximum of 15 minutes at each wharf.

Form #4123
Wharf Permit - Commercial Transport Operators

Ferry operators may apply to dock for a maximum of 15 minutes at each wharf.

Form #4122
Working and Access on Reserves Permit

This application is to be used for minor works carried out by Principal Contractors working on Council reserves without direct Council supervision.

Form #4003
Works Zone Application

A Works Zone is a signposted parking restriction allowing construction vehicles engaged in construction work in or near the Work Zone to stand at the kerb

Form #4052