A Planning Proposal is a formal planning process which, when complete, alters the range of activities permissible on a site. This may increase or decrease the range of permissible uses for a specific site. You can also apply to amend Council’s Development Control Plan.

Planning proposals must include an assessment of whether they give effect to the strategic direction set out in Towards 2040 - Local Strategic Planning Statement (Note: 59MB or view online version) including all priorities and principles.

It is recommended to seek pre-lodgement advice from Council. A pre-lodgement meeting, subject to fees, can be organised by contacting 1300 434 434.

Planning Proposal - Pre-Lodgement Meeting 

Pre-lodgement meetings are an avenue for proponents to receive preliminary advice on proposals. The types of applications that may be considered at these meetings include, but are not limited to, concept plans, a change in zoning or building height & amendments to Development Control Plans. Apply for a Pre-Lodgement meeting

More information is available on the links below to help with your application.

Applications for a Planning Proposal or Amendment to Development Control Plan

For Planning Proposals, applications can be made via the Planning Portal, with supporting documentation and an application fee as per Council's fees and charges. An amendment to a Development Control Plan needs to be lodged with Council. Apply for an amendment to a Development Control Plan.

More information is available on the links below to help with your application.

Can I change planning rules and development standards?

Changing planning rules or development standards that apply to a specific property is a formal planning process under Part 3 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and is made first, before the development application. More information is at Department of Planning and Environment

Planning Portal 

To lodge a Planning Proposal via the NSW Government’s Planning Portal, register an account and complete the application online.

After lodgement, your documents will be checked by Council to determine whether the information is acceptable. Please contact Council to arrange the fee payment.

Note that an application is formally lodged once you are advised that your application is accepted, and the fees are paid.