From 1 July 2021 Council will no longer accept paper copies of subdivision certificates. All applications will be required to be lodged through the NSW Planning Portal as mandated by State Government. Further information here.

How to lodge your application on the NSW Planning Portal

Step 1 - Register or Login

Access the Planning Portal and either login to your account or refer to Register for a Planning Portal account guide to create an account.

Step 2 - Select the application type, enter applicant and site details and upload all supporting documentation

Note: Council no longer require applicants to complete a separate application form as the Portal generates a form based on the information provided at lodgement.

Step 4 - Portal lodgement fees and payment of your Council application fees 

  • Portal lodgement fee - A fee of $40 is applicable for the lodgement of subdivision certificate applications and subdivision works certificates. The Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulation (2000) has been amended to introduce the new fee from 1 July 2021 to support the ongoing maintenance of the Planning Portal. Note, this fee is separate to Council's application fees.
  • Subdivision Certificate Application fees - Council will contact you separately regarding applicable fees for your application. Application fees are detailed in Council's current fees and charges. Applicants should not upload credit card details into the Portal.

Step 3 - Additional Information

Should Council require additional supporting information from you, you will receive a notification through the Planning Portal detailing what is required to proceed with your application.

Step 4 - Assessment

Council's Development Engineering Team will assess your application and handle progress queries. Contact them on 1300 434 434.

Support available for our Applicants

Should you encounter difficulties with logging in to the planning portal or registering your planning portal account, refer to the NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment's FAQ webpage, call Service NSW on 1300 305 695 or email

Phone us on 1300 434 434 and speak to a:

Development Engineer - To receive advice on specific documents required to lodge your application (e.g. Reports, Plans based on site constraints) and to discuss technical queries about additional information requested by Council.

Business Systems & Administration Team - If you would like to discuss how to lodge your application in the Portal, discuss fees applicable or how to pay or have general Planning Portal queries.

Types of Subdivision Certificates

Torrens Title Subdivision

A torrens title subdivision involves the creation of new allotments from an existing allotment. 

To obtain approval for a Torrens title subdivision, a development application (DA) is required to be lodged with Council. If approved, and if the subdivision includes engineering works such as earthworks, right of carriageways, roads, footpaths, water quality, control ponds and drainage works, you will be required to lodge a subdivision construction certificate. Finally, a subdivision certificate will be required to be lodged with Council.

Strata Title Subdivision

A strata subdivision is most commonly used within apartment buildings. This title gives individual ownership to small portions of a larger property and an undivided share to common property (e.g. gardens or driveways). Owners will become members of the body corporate, which controls maintenance.

Before you can register the strata title subdivision with the NSW Land Registry, you must lodge a subdivision certificate with a D1 Registered Certifier. A list of currently accredited certifiers is available on the Fair Trading website

Boundary Adjustments

A boundary adjustment is defined as the realignment of a lot boundary. A boundary adjustment may be Exempt Development, under SEPP (Exempt and Complying Development Code) 2008. If the adjustment does not create another allotment and each new allotment can be developed. If not Exempt Development, a development application will be required.

Before you can register the boundary adjustment with the NSW Department of Lands, you must lodge a subdivision certificate with Council. Further, you may require a section 73 certificate from the Sydney Water Corporation.

Site Consolidations

A site consolidation is the amalgamation of two or more lots into one lot. 

Development Consent is required for site consolidations, hence you will need to lodge a Development Application. Once consent has been obtained from Council, you will need to lodge a Subdivision Certificate Application with Council and once approved, you can submit your approved plans to the NSW Land Registry Services to register the new lot Before you can register the site consolidation with the NSW Department of Lands, you must lodge a subdivision certificate with Council.

Stratum Subdivision

A stratum subdivision is the vertical subdivision of sections of a building into separate titles. Before you can register the stratum subdivision with the NSW Department of Lands, you must lodge a subdivision certificate with Council.

Subdivision Works Certificate

A subdivision works certificate is a construction certificate for subdivision works. 

Under Section 6.13 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act), a Subdivision Works Certificate is required before you can carry out subdivision work in accordance with a development consent.

Section 6.1 of the EP&A Act defines “subdivision work” as any physical activity authorised to be carried out in connection with a subdivision under the conditions of a development consent for the subdivision of land. Examples of works that might be covered by this definition include civil works such as sewerage works, roadworks and earthworks in connection with appropriate conditions of consent.

You will require a Subdivision Works Certificate if your development consent has conditions that are to be satisfied prior to issuing a Subdivision Works Certificate. For further information please visit here.

Find out more on LEPs, DCPs and SEPPs

Termination of Strata

Strata schemes can also be terminated. Once Council has signed the Termination of Strata application, the owner will have to submit the documentation to the NSW Land Registry to make the termination effective. For information in relation to the termination of strata schemes please phone us on 1300 434 434 and ask to speak to a Building Surveyor.