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Find out the rules and building regulations you need to follow when it comes to all sorts of buildings and structures.

Do I require development consent?

Find information on Council's Planning Enquiry Service, and examples of Exempt and Complying Development


Development applications

Find pre-lodgement meeting information, the DA lodgement process, our determination panel information and access to our variation registers.


Planning controls

Building on the Northern Beaches? Find links to our LEPs, DCPs, SEPPs and specific controls here.


Development contributions

Development contributions are a levy on new development to fund the provision of new or upgraded local infrastructure including Planning...


Planning Agreements

Planning agreements are a legal arrangement made between a person (developer) and planning authority/authorities (such as Council) to dedicate land...


Subdivision Certificates

Information on the various subdivision options available


Planning panels

Some development applications (DAs) are referred to a Planning Panel for design review or determination. Read more about Council's Planning...


Fee quotations

Use Council's online fee calculators to determine application fees.


Environmental and community protections

Managing building sites correctly can reduce detrimental impacts on our Northern Beaches environment and community.