During Council's pro-active tree maintenance program we audit each street to see where there are planting opportunities.This information is used to schedule planting in your area.

When we schedule any planting, we drop a leaflet in your letterbox to let you know planting is planned in your street.

Alternatively, if you would like to request for a tree to be planted outside your property you can register your request with Council's customer service area.  If successful, planting of this tree will be scheduled during the next available planting program.

Where we plant a tree, we appreciate your help looking after the tree by watering it once per week or twice per week in summer, especially when the tree is young.

Tree giveaway events

Northern Beaches Council hosts tree giveaway events to encourage residents to plant native trees - and also to maintain and increase our urban tree canopy.

However, Covid-19 has meant putting a hold on our giveaway days. Once the restrictions are lifted we will advertise the dates.

Backyard Habitat

You may also like to learn more about developing and maintaining a 'Backyard Habitat' where your backyard or balcony can be a habitat for our precious local wildlife.