Northern Beaches Council supports two charitable environmental trusts. The trusts provide opportunities for funding important environmental projects in the former Pittwater Council area, and the purchase of environmentally sensitive lands in the former Warringah Council area. Did you know you can make tax deductible donations to these trusts to support their important work? Find out more or make a donation below.

Pittwater Environmental Trust

The Pittwater Environment Trust was established in 2006, and is managed and operated by the Pittwater Environment Foundation. To find out more about the projects that have been funded, and how you can make a difference, head to

Applications for Pittwater Environmental Foundation Directors

Nominations are now open for directors of the Pittwater Environmental Foundation. The Foundation administers the Pittwater Environmental Trust to provide important funding to environmental projects in the former Pittwater Local Government area. It is important to note both the Foundation and Trust are separate organisations to Council, with Council’s only role being in recruiting eligible persons to be elected as directors to the Foundation to enable it to discharge its duties. 

Council intends to appoint at least 6 people to the pool of eligible persons for election as Director by the Foundation.  All positions are voluntary and unpaid and are required to meet all the requirements expected of Company Directors by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

Warringah Trust for the Acquisition of Environmentally Sensitive Lands

The Warringah Trust for the Acquisition of Environmentally Sensitive Lands was created by the former Warringah Council in 2011 to collect funds from the public to promote the protection and enhancement of the natural environment including the conservation of  indigenous flora and fauna. Acquisition of key pieces of sensitive land is an important part of the meeting this objective. The Trust is administered by the Committee of Management that oversees the collection and allocation of funds, and the community is encouraged to make tax deductible donations by contacting Council's Natural Environment and Climate Change unit.

Application | Pittwater Environmental Foundation

Applications will be reviewed by a panel and recommendations made to Council for appointment to a pool of persons eligible for election as a Director...

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