There are 15 Councillors – three Councillors for representing each of our five wards as shown on the map of the Northern Beaches Council Local Government Area.

Councillors - 2021 to 2024

Following the local government elections on 4 December 2021 the NSW Electoral Commission has declared the following councillors for the Northern Beaches Council term 2021 to 2024.

Cr Michael Regan was elected Mayor and Cr Sue Heins was elected Deputy Mayor.

Following Mayor Michael Regan’s resignation as Mayor at an extraordinary Council meeting on 16 May 2023, Cr Sue Heins was elected Mayor. Cr David Walton was elected Deputy Mayor on 23 May 2023.

At the September 2023 Ordinary Council meeting Cr Sue Heins was elected Mayor and Cr Georgia Ryburn was elected Deputy Mayor.

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Frenchs Forest Ward

Cr Michael Regan, Cr Jose Menano-Pires, Cr Stuart Sprott

Manly Ward

Cr Candy Bingham, Cr Georgia Ryburn, Cr Sarah Grattan

Narrabeen Ward

Cr Bianca Crvelin, Cr Vincent De Luca OAM, Cr Ruth Robins

Curl Curl Ward

Cr Kristyn Glanville, Cr Sue Heins, Cr David Walton

Pittwater Ward

Cr Michael Gencher, Cr Miranda Korzy, Cr Karina Page

Sue Heins - Mayor - Curl Curl Ward

Phone: 02 8495 6460. Learn more about Councillor Heins...


Georgia Ryburn - Deputy Mayor -Manly Ward

Phone: 0481 905 052. Learn more about Councillor Ryburn...


Bianca Crvelin - Narrabeen Ward

Phone: 0481 917 977. Learn more about Councillor Crvelin...


Candy Bingham - Manly Ward

Phone: 0418 430 544. Learn more about Councillor Bingham...


David Walton - Curl Curl Ward

Phone: 0427 741 824. Learn more about Councillor Walton...


Jose Menano-Pires - Frenchs Forest Ward

Phone: 0481 908 842. Learn more about Councillor Menano-Pires...


Karina Page - Pittwater Ward

Phone: 0403 961 786. Learn more about Councillor Page...

Person is smiling and wearing a black top and necklace

Kristyn Glanville - Curl Curl Ward

Phone: 0481 910 045. Learn more about Councillor Glanville...


Michael Gencher - Pittwater Ward

Phone: 0481 916 932. Learn more about Councillor Gencher...


Michael Regan - Frenchs Forest Ward

Learn more about Councillor Regan...


Miranda Korzy - Pittwater Ward

Phone: 0481 904 173. Learn more about Councillor Korzy...


Ruth Robins - Narrabeen Ward

Phone: 0481 914 733. Learn more about Councillor Robins...


Sarah Grattan - Manly Ward

Phone: 0427 745 673. Learn more about Councillor Grattan...


Stuart Sprott - Frenchs Forest Ward

Phone: 0408 678 480. Learn more about Councillor Sprott...


Vincent De Luca OAM - Narrabeen Ward

Phone: 0427 218 553. Learn more about Councillor De Luca...