We are seeking Expressions of Interest from local residents, who have expertise in the following sectors, to fill community representative positions on each of the following Panels:

  • Arts and Creativity Assessment Panel x 2 members (1 Aboriginal-Identified and 1 local resident) 
  • Community Development Assessment Panel
  • Environmental Grants Assessment Panel

About the Panels

The purpose of the Assessment Panels is to provide independent expert advice to Northern Beaches Council, assess and score each eligible application received, for 2022/23 grant funding.

The Panel will put forward to Council the recommended list for funding:

Membership of each Panel comprises up to 4 members representing the following:

  • Two local residents of the Northern Beaches with expertise in the relevant field.
  • Two Council staff members

Grants Assessment Panel member responsibilities

The primary responsibility of the Panel is to provide independent, expert advice to Council. All members of the Panel have an obligation to:

  • Review all eligible applications
  • Score and provide comments for each eligible application against each of the assessment criteria
  • Attend all meetings scheduled for the Panel
  • Share knowledge, encourage discussion and actively participate in Panel deliberations
  • Communicate and seek feedback from each other to achieve consensus on recommendations, and where consensus is not possible for any reason, respect the Panel’s majority decision regarding advice provided to Council
  • Respect the values of the communities that may be affected by Panel advice
  • Treat fellow Panel members and Council staff professionally and act in good faith
  • Maintain confidentiality as appropriate and as required
  • Serve independently with the ability to give impartial advice without financial interest and without representing the specific interests of specific groups or individuals
  • Demonstrate a robust approach to actual or perceived conflicts of interest and provide relevant updates as required.

Up to two Panel meetings will be held, during business hours, at a venue to be determined, or online via Microsoft Teams.  The Panel will operate from August – September 2022.

Fee paid to representatives

Members are paid a fee, which covers all preparatory time such as review of applications, scoring, Panel meetings and other relevant business required by the Panel.

The fee provided per panel member will be dependent upon the volume of applications received in the 22/23 grant round; $400 for up to 74 applications received, and $750 for 75+ applications received.


Submissions will be assessed by Northern Beaches Council staff in accordance with the Community Committee Framework and Appointment of Community & Stakeholder Representative Policy.

Key dates

  • Expressions of Interest - Community Development close: 24 July 2022
  • Expressions of Interest - Arts and Creativity and Environmental close: 31 July 2022
  • Successful applicants notified: August 2022